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Choices Hack and cheats 2019 – Instant Delivery for Keys and Diamonds

A game that focuses on fleshed-out character conversations and deep writing, Choices: Stories You Play lets you have an adventure in a university setting, a detective mystery case, or even a fantasy world. Our review will mainly focus on the medieval magical setting, where one gets to play the warrior princess. Your adventure will develop depending on your choices, where you have to decide what is right and wrong. And you need to ask yourself- what is the best option in the current scenario? Later, you will see the effect (or consequences) of those decisions.

Choices is completely free, and you will only ever have to spend money if you want to buy special in-game items. These items make the game so much more enjoyable and immersive. But if paying for a mobile game doesn’t sound too appealing for you, we can provide a Choices Hack that gives you all the in-game currency you want.

Choices Gameplay Mechanics

Choices is a mixture of different types of gameplay for you to enjoy. There is character customization, romance, crime-solving, and exploration. The level of immersion in these stories is really taking it to the next level. This is even more impressive considering that it’s a mobile game, and good writing and storytelling is pretty scarce in the mobile gaming industry compared to most. Character customization is also a great way for players to express their creativity. Buying clothes and accessories requires currency, but you can just use our top-notch Choices Hack Tool to provide you with more diamonds and keys.

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Some of the choices you make will raise your prestige, and this unlocks new dialogue paths for you to try out, and we recommend that you choose these in your first playthrough.

Choices offers its players a ton of interesting dialogue that will have anyone hooked. The characters are all fleshed-out and are also designed well. The developers have created a variety of expressions for each character to give them more substance and help the player feel more immersed. Upon release, the game only had 3 series the player can follow- romance, mystery, and fantasy. But currently, there are dozens of series to choose from, which is really telling about the activeness of the developers and how much they care about their game. Using choices hacks, you can unlock and play whichever series you want immediately and at no extra cost.

In-Game Currency: Diamonds And Keys

Keys act as the game’s form of currency. You use them for unlocking new series or episodes. So if you want to play more stories, you need more keys. After you’ve completed a chapter, you need keys to progress. You get them by raising your level or through a Choices Stories You Play Hack that produces keys for you, so you can immediately unlock the next chapter without grinding for levels.

Keys are also passively accumulated, where you generate a small number of keys every hour or so. Players also have the option of connecting their social media sites to play with their friends, and you can give and receive free keys with them.

Diamonds are also needed for completing each chapter. You only get a meager sum of diamonds at the beginning of the game. So if you want more, you could get them from the app store, or you can use our essential Choices hacks to add diamonds to your account, allowing you to finish the story faster.

Review And Conclusion

Every story provided by the developers is engrossing and immersive. And one story will keep you occupies for hours, even days. The downside is, finishing a story gives you a small number of diamonds and keys, not enough to immediately progress through the next chapter or story. You need to grind for them, which might not be appealing for those who just want to enjoy the story. With the Choices Hack Online version we can provide, waiting and grinding times will be basically non-existent. And you can now enjoy all the stories at your own pace.

Don’t worry about the scarcity of resources in the game. Because at the end of the day, you can simply come back to it whenever you want. Whether you grind for keys or use the hack, remember that a game should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. Choices is a unique mobile game. There are few story-heavy games out there that surpass the quality of choices. The developers really put the focus on well-developed characters and settings. The ability to customize your character adds an extra point for immersion. The stories and characters feel dynamic and alive. Unlike most stories that are linear, and don’t change regardless of your decisions, this stories in this game are shaped and molded depending on your choices. Seeing the effect of your choices in the future is rewarding and impressive.

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